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The Integrated Financial Management System of Odisha is referred to as IFMS Odisha. The Government of Odisha, a state in eastern India, deployed it as an online financial management system. The state government’s many financial procedures and transactions are intended to be streamlined and automated through IFMS Odisha.

The system unites several financial management-related departments and organisations, including the treasury, the accountant general’s office, and various other government institutions. It offers a centralised platform for controlling financial reporting, accounting, and budgeting operations.

The automated payment procedure for government workers and contractors is made possible by IFMS Odisha, which also makes it easier to submit and process bills online. Additionally, it enables real-time surveillance and supervision of financial transactions, promoting accountability and transparency in the management of the state’s finances.

Government workers may check their pay stubs, request vacations, and take advantage of numerous financial incentives online through IFMS Odisha. The technology guarantees data security and confidentiality and offers a user-friendly interface.

The IFMS Odisha is an all-encompassing financial management system that improves the efficacy and efficiency of financial operations inside the Odisha government, encouraging greater governance and financial discipline.

How To Login IFMS Odisha Treasury

IFMS Odisha

To log in to IFMS Odisha Treasury, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the IFMS Odisha Treasury’s official website by using your web browser. is the website’s address.
  2. The login area is located on the IFMS Odisha Treasury home page. Your User ID and Password should be entered in the appropriate boxes. The relevant authorities or the system administrator typically supply the User ID and Password.
  3. Click “Login” or press Enter after providing your information.
  4. You will be able to access the IFMS Odisha Treasury site if your User ID and Password are accurate.
  5. You may use the IFMS Odisha Treasury system’s numerous features and services after you log in. These might consist of data on salaries, bill filing and tracking, payment information, and other financial management features.

The login procedure may vary somewhat based on any upgrades or modifications made to the IFMS Odisha Treasury system, it is crucial to note. It is advised that you seek assistance from the IFMS Odisha Treasury helpdesk or the relevant authorities if you run into any problems or have trouble logging in.

How To Download IFMS Odisha Account Slip

To download the IFMS Odisha Account Slip, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your computer browser and navigate to the IFMS Odisha official website. is the website’s address.
  2. Look for the “Employee Corner” or “Employee Login” area on the site. Usually, it may be found on the website’s sidebar or top menu.
  3. The “Employee Corner” or “Employee Login” link should be selected. You will be sent to the employee login page as a result.
  4. Your User ID and Password should be entered in the appropriate boxes. Usually, the system administrator or the relevant authorities offer these credentials.
  5. Click “Login” or press Enter after providing your login information.
  6. Go to the “Account Slip” or “Pay Slip” section after logging in. Depending on how the website is set up and designed, the precise position could change.
  7. There should be choices to choose the appropriate month and year for which you wish to download the account slip under the “Account Slip” or “Pay Slip” section.
  8. To get your account slip, first select the month and year, and then click the “Download” or “Generate” option.
  9. The account slip will be produced via the IFMS Odisha system in PDF format. The PDF file may open immediately in the browser or download to your computer, depending on your web browser’s settings.
  10. If the account slip opens in a browser, you may save it by choosing “Save” from the file menu in the browser or by clicking the download symbol.
  11. If the account slip was downloaded to your computer, you can find the file there or in the designated download location in your downloads folder. You may see the account slip by double-clicking the file, and if required, you can store it to a chosen location.

Keep in mind that depending on any upgrades or modifications made to the IFMS Odisha system, the precise processes may differ significantly. It is advised that you contact the IFMS Odisha helpline or refer to the user guide given by the system administrators if you run into any problems or have particular queries about downloading the account slip.

IFMS Odisha FAQs

Q1. What is iFMS odisha?

Ans. iFMS is Integrated Financial Management System, Odisha. Finance Department.

Q2. How to pay challan online in Odisha?

Ans. How to make the e-challan payment through online?
Submit e-Challan number(or Vehicle Number & Chassis Number) with provide Captcha & click on Get detail.
Click on Pay now option.
Submit mobile number for OTP.
Submit OTP number and click on Submit option.
Pay online through debit card or online e banking service.

Q3. What is the meaning of Treasury challan?

Ans. Treasury e challan is an online system for issuing and paying traffic fines. It allows citizens to pay their challans (traffic tickets) anytime, anywhere using the internet. The system is convenient and easy to use as a deposit challan, and it helps reduce the hassle of going to a physical court to pay a fine.

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