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As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no precise information accessible about a platform called “Food Odisha Portal.” The portal might have been developed or released after my awareness threshold, or it might be a local endeavour that hasn’t received much attention or press.

The cuisine Food Odisha Portal, however, could perhaps be a web-based platform dedicated to cuisine in the Indian state of Odisha based solely on the name. It could be a source of knowledge about local cuisines, traditional recipes, food safety laws, agricultural methods, government initiatives pertaining to food and nutrition, or even an online marketplace for regional foods.

I advise undertaking an online search or contacting the pertinent government agencies or local authorities in Odisha for more information if you want to find out more about the Food Odisha Portal.

How To Apply Ration Card Online In Odisha

To apply for a ration card online in Odisha, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. visit the Government of Odisha’s Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department’s official website. If you’re looking for a specific website, try searching for “Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department of Odisha” or “Odisha Ration Card online application.”
  2. Find the option or link for the online ration card application on the website’s home page. The label can read “Apply Online” or “Ration Card Application.”
  3. To continue with the application procedure, click on the relevant link.
  4. You’ll probably be taken to a new page containing the online ration card application after being redirected. Provide all necessary information truthfully, including your name, residence, family composition, source of income, and contact information.
  5. Ensure that you upload the required papers in accordance with the website’s criteria. These documents could be identification proof, address proof, a certificate of income, an Aadhaar card, passport-sized photos, etc. Upload these documents in the required format after scanning or taking a photo of them.
  6. Verify that all of the data you entered into the application form is accurate and complete by checking it twice.
  7. Once you have completed the application form in its entirety and attached all required files, submit it online.
  8. You might get a confirmation or reference number after submitting the application. Make a note of it or print it off for future use.
  9. The relevant authorities will examine your application, confirm the information supplied, and carry out any required inspections.
  10. You will be informed and given the ration card if your application is accepted. The physical card might need to be picked up from the designated office or distribution hub.

Food Odisha Portal – It’s crucial to be aware that Odisha’s online ration card application procedure may change somewhat over time or in response to any improvements made by the government. For the most precise and recent information regarding the application process, it is advised to check the official website of the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, Odisha.

How To Check Food Odisha Ration Card List

Food Odisha Portal

To check the Food Odisha Portal Ration Card List, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Government of Odisha’s Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department’s website. The website can be found by searching for terms like “Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department of Odisha” or “Food Odisha Ration Card List.”
  2. Find the option or link that refers to the list of ration cards on the website’s home page. It could have a name like “Ration Card List,” “Beneficiary List,” or anything similar.
  3. To access the page with the list of ration cards, click on the relevant link.
  4. You will probably find a variety of options on the ration card list page to search for the list. The alternatives may vary, but typical strategies include district, block, village, or ration card number searches.
  5. Choose your favourite search method and fill in the necessary information. You might have to choose the district from a dropdown menu, for instance, if you decide to search by district.
  6. Click “Search” or “Submit” to start the search process after providing the essential information.
  7. Your search criteria will be used to present the results that are most pertinent to you. It will display a list of ration card recipients who match the specified information.
  8. The list can be scrolled through to locate the details you’re looking for. The list might contain information about the name, card type, ration shop data, and other pertinent details of the ration card holder.
  9. The website may instantly display the details of a certain ration card, including the beneficiaries connected to it, if you have supplied a specific ration card number.

Food Odisha Portal – Please be aware that based on any additions or modifications made to the official website, the precise procedures and alternatives for accessing the Food Odisha Ration Card List may change. For the most accurate and current information on how to check the ration card list, it is therefore advised to go to the official website of the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, Odisha.

Food Odisha Portal FAQs

Q1. How can I check my ration card details online in Odisha?

Ans. Step 1: Visit the official website of the Food Supply and Consumer Welfare Department of the state of Odisha – Step 2: Enter your block, ward and district on the page that opens next. Step 3: Now click on “Get Report”. The list of all the ration cards issued in your area shall be displayed.

Q2. How to apply ration card online in Odisha?

Ans. The steps to apply for an Odisha ration card are:
1. Visit the official website of the government department.
2. On the home page, click on the option of E-bitaran.
3. The website will redirect you to a different page.
4. From the list of options, select the link of the online application form for a ration card.

Q3. Who is eligible for APL ration card in Odisha?

Ans. It is applicable to persons below the poverty line, person with annual family income not exceeding Rs. 40,000/- in rural area and Rs. 60,000/- in urban areas. Either BPL card / AAY card or annual income certificate issued by concerned Tahasildar will be accepted for determining the eligibility.

Q4. Who is eligible for BPL in Odisha?

Ans. The income limit for qualifying as a beneficiary under the BPL (below poverty line) list has been fixed as Rs. 27,000 per annum and in some state the amount varies as per G.O.

Q5. How can I add my name in ration card online in Odisha?

Ans. Odisha Ration Card Update Form
1. Firstly you have to visit the official website.
2. Click on the link “NFSA Card and Beneficiary”.
3. Now select your district, Block and FPS.
4. Click on the link “Get Report”.
5. Now the status of the ration card will be shown.

Q6. How many digits in ration card number in odisha?

Ans. A Ration Card number is a 10 digit unique numerical figure assigned to every Indian citizen who is the holder of it. It is issued by the respective state’s Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies.

Q7. What is difference between PHH and BPL ration card?

Ans. At first, these cards are divided into three categories like Above Poverty Line (APL), Below Poverty Line (BPL), Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) etc. Of all types, only APL and BPL Smart cards are classified into two categories as PHH and NPHH referring to Priority Household and Non-Priority Household respectively.

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